Participating for the first time

We invite to the Bike Marathon Cup the most powerful cyclists and amateurs who may take to ride just a hundred kilometers all year round. You can choose – whether you want to race with others, or just want to overtake your neighbor, or you may want to pedal with your family members without hurry, but on the same track as the athletes just keep skipping away. This is a spectacular event for everyone.

If you decide to participate (and you have just done so), read the Terms and Conditions and sign up for our website. Signing up will be also available at the start location, but then registration will be more expensive.

When you arrive at the start place, tell your name in the registration tent and you will receive an envelope containing your starting number with a glued time gauge that you will need to attach to the bicycle rudder.

Do not forget to take a flask of water or energy drink. Avoid beverages containing caffeine, taurine or the like, it’s really not suitable at endurance sports.

There will be a bicycle repair point in the Marathon starting town. If you are not sure if you have enough inflated tires, approach and consult a technician. We recommend that you have a backup camera on the track, a camera replacement tools and a pump. Helmet is mandatory for the participants!

About 20 minutes before the start of the main marathon, everyone will be called to take starting positions according to the assigned start numbers. Start corridors will be formed in the start zone. Take a place in the start corridor that lists your assigned number.

Start is shared by all participants in common together. Be careful in the first kilometers, you may have to ride in a crowd with other cyclists. In further kilometers, other cyclists will not disturb you, keep advancing at your own preferred pace. As long as possible, try to drive as far right as possible so that do not interfere with other participants which need to overtake you. Pay close attention when crossing other roads – there automobiles may be rushing !

The entire track will be marked by arrows hammered  in the ground (white arrow on a blue background). Also, by red / white ribbons hanging on trees (if you have uncertainty about the direction, follow them).

In the middle of the route there will be a station point where you can refresh or refill your flask with water or energy drinks.

On the track you will find cards showing how many kilometers you have left before the end of the cycling route.

Your finishing time will be captured when you cross the start / finish line.
We recommend to keep cycling at slow pace about 5 minutes more, before the rest.

We are waiting for you!